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Floating Lanterns by crystalwaterfall
Floating Lanterns
This is my entry for :icondisney-club: 's coloring book contest :meow:

I'd like to say some thing about this piece. I've always admired Van Gogh style and work. So when I read that there was the possibility to reproduce certain style, I believed it was a great opportunity for me. But mostly, it was a challenge: this is my very very first painting on canvas with acrylics (18x24). And, with the risk to sound not that humble, I've to say I'm pretty proud with how it turned out :love: 
This painting took me a lot of time, but I had really fun to use the "spatula" tecnique. I'm just so annoyed that a frontal picture doesn't show the thickness of the painting. Eugene and Rapunzel were very hard to do, but I tried to reproduce the style also on the clothes (I was proud of Eugene's shirt with blue and green and white in).
The most difficult part was to reproduce the movement of the sky, so that the latenrns' light is reflected also on the castle, on the humans and the sky itself.
I've chosen Tangled's floating lanterns scene because I believed it would have portraied as a cool subject for the sky and the lights reflection in the water. Plus, after have met Glen Keane I can't stop drawing his characters, I'm sorry. And like I said before, I've always loved Van Gogh since the first time I saw Starry Night!

As references I've used a Disney coloring page (… with that scene, but I've reflected the picture so that Rapunzel was on the right and I've replaced the hill with the Isle and the Castle.
I've also refered to Van Goght Starry Night and Starry Night over the Rhone (my favs!) for the background and the ship, while Eugene and Punzie are coloured upon the style of smaller people in his paintings(like in the Starry Night onìver the Rhone) and not his portrait (like the self-portrait withoit the ear).
I've also tried to use all the rainbow colours for some extra points Rainbow La -plz account- , but it was difficult especially for the red one. I started with a reddish light on the lanterns, which you can see in the further ones and on Rapunzel's flowers. There's also someone in the wooden ship, but again, too hard to see :(

As far as I couldn't did a scan of the painting, I had to take a picture with my Camera. I've just did some "sharpen" in order to give the most realistic look as possible!

Now my Floating Lanterns is hung on my wall :love:
I Believe in You by crystalwaterfall
I Believe in You
When I saw a picture of baby Lane dressed up like Wendy and eskimo kissing Peter Pan, I could not resist to draw my humble version of it last night. 
This little princess is so adorable that can melt your heart in even the coldest day! For some reasons she reminds me of the happy child I was and I’m so glad she’s growing surrounded by love and dreams!
She’s a lucky child with a wonderful family and this inspires me believing that dreams do come true if we have the courage to pursue them. 

(her Mommy allowed me to draw her, don’t worry little guppies! Thanksmydisneydaze and sorry for tagging again you also there, but it seemed legit <3 )
1. You must answer all questions and truthfully.
2. You must tag 5 people (or more)...  
1. Minniemora  
2. Lemures87
3.  Lumi47  
4. MermaiderDoc  


1. Add up the price of the clothes you are wearing. *Oh my God, i really don't know*
 Leggins ~ 20€
T-shirt ~ 15€
Jacket ~ 50€
Underwear ~ 50€
Socks ~ 4€
Boots ~ 20€

2. Add up the pageviews of all the accounts you own. - 

3. What have you eaten today? - 
Tea and biscuits

4. Write the last thing you heard? - 
Gilmore Girls episode.. Pretty funny, Rory quite got drunk!

5. List 5 things you see next to you. -
Disney Sullivalan plushie from Monsters Inc, my Iphone, the tea mug, my Tour Eiffel blackboard and my slippers.

6. The first word that comes into your head? -

7. One funny thing that's happened to you today? - 
Not that funny, but it's morning, so.. well, i had to pee and go to the toilet. When i finished, i noticed that there wasn't toilet paper anymore. A classic.

8. Put your music player on shuffle. Click the skip/next song button 5 times. What's playing now? - 

1. Fly _ Ludovico Einaudi
2. Popoular _ Mika ft Ariana Grande
3. Angel _ Robbie Williams
4. I See The Light _ Rapunzel from Tangled
5. Bette Davis Eyes _ Kim Carnes


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I would like to prove to m parents that my drawings and pictures aren't the waste of time they think it is. I would like to show them some pieces of mine are appreciated.
This is a small goal, but it means a lot for me.
Thank you for the support!
Peace and chocolate!

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